BPL Shifter Debriefing


A BPL representative was quietly inserted into the 'controlled merriment' that was the celebration for the launch of the lofty magazine Shifter, number 15 (available at http://www.shifter-magazine.com).  The event took place at something called "European Kunsthalle Cologne / Goethe Institut New York 38 Ludlow St" this tuesday past.  The BPL worker consumed several bottles of beer and spoke with other contributors to the magazine.  It is unclear what business he had being there, but as he did not make a nuisance of himself and was not asked to leave, and also made no representations about the Company or our activities, we endorse his actions.  Our legal department is looking into the matter.  Please direct inquiries concerning this event to our Press Liason here.

About this Memo

This corporate memo issued on: December 17, 2009.

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