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We direct your attention to the holiday party memo sent out this morning:

Compliance with the spirit and the letter of the memo is expected.
21 December, 2009

Dear Valued Aerospace Customer:

It has been some time since Brower Propulsion Laboratory has issued a system - wide Memorandum, which is a drastic action we prefer to reserve for truly momentous occasions.  But here, we make an exception.

BPL announces a Kickstarter project:  Kickstarter is an organization that assists with procurement of funding.  We encourage the public to visit this web location ( to find out more about BPL's latest strategy to part the aerospace community with some of its Stimulus Package.  As with all BPL projects, we need funds to purchase shoestrings and therefore have developed a line of Aerospacey products to allow Landlubbers to participate.  We would appreciate advocates of this project employing their 'social network' contraptions in the service of seducing like- or un- minded individuals and institutions to our current cause.

BPL announces Exhibition:  The BPL-003 mission equipment and spacecraft will be on view and available for interaction at the Esther Klein Art Gallery at the University City Science Center in Philadelphia from 22 January, 2010, until 21 March, 2010.
Klein Gallery website:

The next launch window for this mission opens in September, 2010.  The last launch window closed on our Engineer's fingers and the launch had to be postponed until we completed the new health insurance forms, which we had to develop a whole department to interpret.
Information on the mission can be had here:

In case you don't know about the Moranic Mission To Montana, forgot, or don't care, here is a quick rundown of the Mission:  BPL will launch three spacecraft near Livingston, Montana.  The Lander, Nanosatellite, and Rover will explore the region originally visited by Thomas Moran, American painter, in 1871.  The Mission is tasked with revisiting sites depicted by Moran, with updated technical means, to reinterpret the incredible history that his vision helped to shape.  In BPL's ongoing Search For LIfe On Earth (S-FLOE), a cheaper step-half cousin of large scale Art Projects developed by NASA, we expect to use objective means to make indeterminate, subjective claims.  Everything made at BPL is the product of its single Employee, to conserve funds and expectations.  Readers and just-look-at-the-picturers alike are invited to examine the labyrinthine website,

**********END OF MEMO**********

A BPL representative was quietly inserted into the 'controlled merriment' that was the celebration for the launch of the lofty magazine Shifter, number 15 (available at  The event took place at something called "European Kunsthalle Cologne / Goethe Institut New York 38 Ludlow St" this tuesday past.  The BPL worker consumed several bottles of beer and spoke with other contributors to the magazine.  It is unclear what business he had being there, but as he did not make a nuisance of himself and was not asked to leave, and also made no representations about the Company or our activities, we endorse his actions.  Our legal department is looking into the matter.  Please direct inquiries concerning this event to our Press Liason here.

Here at BPL we are excited.  We are always excited.  Today we are excited about tomorrow, because tomorrow we will plan to make an announcement soon.  The announcement will be exciting, at least to us, and perhaps to you, which is probably also us.  This announcement will concern some exciting upcoming developments, which will be upcoming and developing in exciting ways.  At BPL we are always excited about tomorrow.
This is the first in an annoyingly large number of entries to be made for the purposes of informing the general public of current developments at BPL.  In an admittedly McLuhanesque fashion, this format announcement is the only news...

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