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Yesterday I was presented with the HIBS award on behalf of BPL.  I know all of you would want to be informed of any industry related accolades directed toward us as a result of your hard work and diligence.  The HIBS award is given by Bjerklie and Blackwell's WorldWiDETour '09, which operates out of the ArtLot, Brooklyn, NY, and is manifested by a unique wood and ceramic trophy and 37 dollars in cash.  During the presentation ceremony, I learned that HIBS doesn't stand for anything (perhaps making it Chinese- see BPL-002 Mission To China report), but refers to the French word for Owl, which is not "Hibs" but "Hibou".  This kind of explanation is familiar to BPL executives and we knew that if we wanted to get the 37 dollars, we should not make embarrassing inquiries, especially at the ceremony.

I should point out that the BPL staff and their families were singled out (if that is possible in a group situation) for their remarkable talent and resilience, and were congratulated by name.

Which brings up the apology I must make.  I was unaware that the ceremony was being videotaped and if I had known that was the case I certainly would not have made some of the offhanded editorial remarks during the event that might be audible on the tape.  My references to BPL employees as 'ungrateful' and 'loutish' were unintended.  Also referring to BPL staff as 'savages' and 'hicks' might be misconstrued.  I was only joking, attempting to lighten the mood during certain uncomfortable lulls in the ceremony.

 Anyone with concerns should make an appointment to see me personally, although I will be on vacation for 4.5 weeks after this Wednesday.  I don't want these candid comments to interfere with our work performance, so be sure to speak with me if you have an issue.  Any performance goals not met that are found to be attributable to the HIBS award will be dealt with to the full extent of company disciplinary policy.

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